BCBS of Montana Medicare Supplement Insurance

BCBS of Montana Medicare Supplement Insurance


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, beginning as early as 1940, was a loose partnership between two companies – the Hospital Service Association and the Montana Physician’s Service. As partners, each company’s first intent was to provide Montana’s teachers, loggers, and miners with healthcare insurance.

In 1986, the Hospital Service Association (now named Blue Cross of Montana) merged with the Montana Physicians Service, represented by a blue shield. From this, they formed the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana you know of today.

Now, after 75 years of history in the industry, BCBS of Montana provides healthcare to 300,000 members state-wide with about 600 employees.

Contact Info

The main office of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana is headquartered at 3645 Alice Street, PO Box 4309, Helena, Montana 59604-4309. Walk-in hours for questions and care are from 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

If calling, representatives are ready to answer your general questions at the company’s toll-free service line of 1 (800) 447-7828. This phone line is open from 8AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana Medicare supplements, please call the Medicare supplement support line at (855) 520-1577 to receive more information.

What Makes the Company Special?

Like many other Medicare supplement providers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana is unique from other insurance. This uniqueness comes from quality of life improvements, like easier ways to use your coverage or exclusive discounts.

But they also include the benefits of how BCBS of Montana structures to best help you.

Let’s look at some resources you’re provided as a member:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, in business for over 75 years, has worked to be a familiar name and network to the residents of Montana. 

With BCBS of Montana, you’re getting to work with some of the most experienced individuals in Montana’s insurance industry.

  • The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana staff train to treat each policy with their own personal responsibility.

This keeps every Blue Cross and Blue Shield employee held accountable for their involvement in your plan.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana makes sure you’ll have all the resources needed to know your plan was the right choice. Through provided tools like the following, BCBS of Montana gives you options for staying healthy and happy.
  • The Blue365 Program for dental, vision, hearing and fitness discounts.
  • Blue Access for Members website for updates on claim status, plan changes, and more.
  • A 24/7 nurse hotline for answers to immediate health questions.
  • Routine access to speak with health advisors and fitness professionals.
  • For new mothers, full reimbursement from the purchase of a breast pump.

With these resources, you see the backbone of what makes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana such a unique option for your enrollment.

Other Products

With Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana being the state’s most recognizable insurance provider, they offer much more than their Medicare supplement plans.

A BCBS of Montana Medicare Advantage Plan, for example, provides insurance for copays and is an alternative to Medicare coverage.

But, if not enrolled in Medicare, you’re still offered a wide selection of choices by BCBS of Montana, including:

  • Dental Plan Coverage
  • Medical Plans for Individuals and Families 
  • Medical Insurance for Students
  • Insurance for Medical Coverage when Traveling – both Short and Long Term

List of States They Sell In

Being a state-specific provider, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana only sells its available plan options in Montana.

Plans They Sell

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana offers 7 in the 11 different Medicare supplement plans, including the High-Deductible Plan F. The plans are, as listed:

  • Medigap Plan A
  • Medigap Plan C
  • Medigap Plan F
  • High Deductible Medigap Plan F
  • Medigap Plan G
  • Medigap Plan M
  • Medigap Plan N

This moderate selection gives you plenty of choice about managing costs with benefits.

Ratings and Review

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, there’s a limited amount of reviews for the company online, with only a few one-star Yelp reviews.

But, on the Better Business Bureau’s website, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana maintains an A- rating with 5 total complaints, all which have been resolved.

The Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC,) which licenses BCBS of Montana from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, received 3 “A” grades from outside rating sources including Standard & Poors, A.M. Best, and Moody’s. For you, this means that the money behind your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana plan is stable and will continue to be.


As Montana’s largest insurance provider, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana has maintained a low amount of complaints in recent years.

But what makes the few complaints they have important?

Most complaints are the product of a person not understanding something before it happens. This usually includes changes to plan benefits, costs, or the status of your coverage, making things confusing or frustrating.

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, they resolve their complaints with context, as seen in the examples below:

  • In two complaints against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana, each member mentions the sudden removal of the SilverSneakers benefit after an enrollment period.

Here, both members assumed their SilverSneakers fitness coverage would stay the same after an enrollment period. But, because enrollment periods are when your plans could change, these complaints are from a lack of information.

  • The few remaining complaints are about delays of applications, bills, or claims. 

With BCBS of Montana, the amount of complaints about waiting longer than others for a response is so small, you’ll likely never have this problem. But, with an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can count on the company to resolve your issue.