BCBS of Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance

BCBS of Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance


The history behind Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas goes back to the founding of Blue Cross and Blue Shield as a whole. 

Vice President of Baylor University’s healthcare studies, Justin Kimball, developed the earliest version of Blue Cross in 1929 when he guaranteed teachers hospital care for an annual premium.

Reaching a national audience, Blue Cross both helped administer Medicare during the 1960s and merged with Blue Shield in 1985 to provide members more comprehensive coverage. 

In 2010, the Health Care Service Corporation seized an opportunity to gain Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas as an independent business, improving their profits even today.

Contact Info

The primary address for BCBS of Texas is located at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, 1001 E. Lookout Drive, Richardson, Texas 75802.

For general information, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas can be reached at (972) 766-6900. 

If you have specific questions about BCBS of Texas supplement plans, use the toll-free Medicare supplement service line instead at (800) 654-9390.

What Makes the Company Special?

To remain competitive, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers advantages to current members. 

These benefits can range in effectiveness but make you more satisfied with your plan.

So, first, what are the priorities of BCBS of Texas and why are they special?

  • You get coverage by a name and brand you can trust. 

o After 90 years in the industry, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas makes you feel confident in your plan and your provider.

  • Shared ownership of the company by members like yourself. 

o This eliminates sudden cancellations, severe premium hikes, and much else.

  • They’ve created a system of “customer advocates” that go far beyond entry-level customer service. 

o With a higher quality of help, “customer advocates” will take you through entire processes, putting you above everything when you need guidance.

Being a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas member gives you access to a lot of tools that both simplify and enhance your plan. A few included below are:

  • Blue Access for Members –

o A secure website for looking over your plan’s information, comparing doctors, and estimating costs of coverage.

  • The Blue365 Member Discount Program –

o This helps you save money on everyday things like gym memberships and family activities, as well as dental, vision and hearing services.

  • Access to a 24/7 nurse hotline, fitness program, health advisors, and some international coverage.

Other Products

As one of the largest insurance companies in Texas, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers many more options for coverage than Medicare supplement plans.

Some of these selections relate back to Medicare, like:

  • BCBS of Texas Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
  • BCBS of Texas Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

But most of the other plan types do not need you to have Medicare and can be more specific in their coverage:

  • Individual and Family Health Plans
  • Medical Plans for Travel – Short Term and Long Term
  • Dental Plans
  • Student Insurance Plans 

List of States They Sell In

Being a state-specific provider, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas only sells available plan options in Texas.

Plans They Sell

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas sells 7 different Medicare supplement plan types, including the High-Deductible Plan F. These 7 plans provided by BCBS of Texas are as followed:

  • Medigap Plan A
  • Medigap Plan F
  • High Deductible Medigap Plan F
  • Medigap Plan G
  • Medigap Plan K
  • Medigap Plan L
  • Medigap Plan N

Because these plans vary in cost and coverage, having a variety of options can allow you to make a more correct choice for your needs.

Ratings and Reviews

While unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau, the headquarters of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas still holds an A- rating from interacting with members.

This score, also, includes their quality in answering questions and resolving complaints.

The Health Care Service Corporation, which operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, has A ratings across 3 separate scores – Standard & Poors, Moody’s Investor’s Service, and A.M. Best. These show that the company’s finances are secure and won’t fall through.

There are no ratings provided for the financial strength of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas itself.


For Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, the complaints you’ll see fall under two problems – a misunderstanding of a plan’s service or billing. With BCBS of Texas covering over 5 million members, it’s only fair to consider why an occasional complaint might arise.

But, with most complaints being about billing or the plans themselves, it’s not surprising to learn that those problems go hand in hand. 

For example, many complaints listed on the company’s BBB page talk about how being transferred between customer service specialists provides no help about how or why a bill needs paying.

We know that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will work with you if you have a problem – their A- rating and resolved complaints through the Better Business Bureau supports this. This means that, if you enroll on uncertain terms, or are having trouble getting service, continuing to voice your issue to BCBS of Texas will keep it on track to get help.