Everest Medicare Supplement Insurance [2020 Review!]

Everest Medicare Supplement Insurance [2020 Review!]

Everest Medicare Supplement

Everest Medicare Review

The Everest Reinsurance Company, known also as the Everest Re Group, is a powerhouse reinsurance provider known worldwide as a global presence for pursuing excellence in financial capability, exceptionally high and stable capital, as well as the provision of many varied kinds of underwriting, especially for the recent inclusion of Everest Medicare supplement plans.

Although the company provides services for coverage all around the globe, its workforce is recognizably a highly controlled, tight-knit community optimizing talent and dedication to clientele above all, with about 1,200 people employed to 29 offices worldwide. With this consideration, along with two headquarters separating the management of their international and national support (based out of Bermuda and New Jersey respectfully,) Everest Medicare supplement coverage can be a very welcoming choice, especially with all the timely, high-standard customer service you’ll come to find when enrolling.

Who is Everest Insurance?

Founded in 1973, the Everest Group has always primarily dealt in the business of providing reinsurance, and occasionally insurance, to an international base of members, including Everest Medicare supplement plans. With a massive potential in their outreach of global resources, Everest can provide powerfully tailored coverage to all enrollees, with Everest Medicare supplements being especially honed and specialized within their broad range of insurance ability.

With all operation of Everest Medicare supplement based out of Clearwater, FL, you can rely on this giant of global insurance to comprehend that not all focus should be on international efforts – by keeping a high standard in the importance of local communication, success in the company’s ability to deliver can be put to regular example. Although Everest’s Medicare supplement focus may seem relatively new and small compared to alternative options, the clarity from clear, concise underwriting provided when enrolling into an applicable state’s plan across their national selection is more than enough to feel confident in your decision. 

What makes Everest special? 

As professional the quality of Everest is, the company strays from the common between many other Medigap insurance providers available to the market, but for good reason – those who have committed to an Everest Medicare supplement plan are inducted into a group, of which it’s expertise and outreach goes much farther beyond than just your Medigap policy. When weighing your Everest selection against an equal competitor, what should be accounted for? 

With a supreme focus on underwriting, your Everest Medicare supplement plan is derived from some of the most capable, business-oriented hands available. From this focus on underwriting, Everest selectively has created many alterations to their process that allows for a particularly unique experience when enrolling, including the potential for certain individuals to receive coverage here they may not elsewhere.

One of the biggest mentions to be made about Everest Medicare supplement plans lay in the very specific method they go about completing your underwriting – it is clean, to-the-point, while still remaining relatively relaxed; by providing straight-forward, “yes-or-no” questions, very specific to situations that may be weathered in bad health, Everest may get a quick certainty to your ability to be accepted for coverage. These questions may include your nursing home status, hospitalizations, living ability, and so on.

Enrollment into an Everest Medicare supplement plan additionally comes with some small perks automatically for bonus benefit:

  • You’ll be supplied with a discount card that can apply to certain extra prescription drugs, diabetes monitoring materials, and medical supplies. This card completely applicable for use, even if already enrolled into a stand-alone prescription drug plan (which may likely as an Everest Medicare supplement policyholder.)
  • Payment for plan premiums can be synchronized with your Social Security Office, allowing money to directly be taken from your monthly check for complete ease of use in the payment responsibility of your policy.

States Served

Plans Sold



After proper judgement from an A.M. Best analysis, Everest was provided a rating of A+, with a long-term credit rating of “AA-”, confirming the capability and status of the company’s ability to fulfill all affirmed duties to its members very high.

As both grades represent a “Stable” quality to Everest Medicare supplements, and have remained the same since 2013, it can be confirmed that the A.M. Best ratings comment on an overall positive outlook for the company moving forward.

The above is not the only example of its excellence either – while grading Everest, with the likely inclusion of Everest Medicare supplement plans, both Moody’s Investor Services as well as Standard and Poor have given the company their respective A marks, greater elevating the tested and tried ability in Everest insurance.

Other Products Sold

Though Everest Medicare supplement plans may seem like only a niche of the company’s capability, their extension of coverage provided reaches far beyond just filling in the gaps of your Medicare. Everest is a massive entity of equally national and international coverage, spanning across multiple industries of care and coordination of coverages for business and individual alike; below, we see a small referral selection of other Everest product, of which many keep adjacent to Everest Medicare supplement.

Categorized into 5 distinct avenues of focus – Property, Casualty, Specialty, Financial, and Accident and Health – these subsections of Everest’s provided insurance tools are further divided into in-depth, finely tailored solutions for the enrollee to make proper selection of. Remember, Everest holds a high standard, with the ratings to back it up, and therefore makes every relationship they have – be it with another business or even the standard customer – the top priority for security and proper insight.

  • Property Coverage is plain to its name overall, this relating to any and all work Everest may do when insuring a location, such as retail or wholesale property.
  • Casualty Coverage is a broad, over-arching facilitation of insurance, representing multiple facets of industries where destruction or injury may be ever lingering – this includes, but is not limited to, things like liability clauses, insurance for damage related to environmental disaster, or support for worker’s compensation.
  • Financial Coverage is more so about managing the faults that can arise from an enrollee’s manipulation of money, goods, or people – in many circumstances, the stability of Everest’s financial structure can provide excellent liability against unrecouped error, like from a significant transaction or public exposure. Very commonly, this coverage will be universally more tailored to business owners.
  • Specialty Coverage represents the less recognized requests for insurance assistance, including crafting manifests towards innovative, consistent solutions to an enrollee’s ongoing flavor. Despite generally be used for more abstract help, Everest here additionally uniquely offers a plethora of programs that allow for coverage across all sorts of entertainment avenues, including casinos, fairs, amusement parks, guide tours, special events, and so on.
  • Lastly, Accident and Health Coverage is the higher foundation that holds Everest Medicare supplement plans together, along with other forms of additional medical care.  Here, you may consider your options based on your status and what is most required, ranging from complete Medical stop-less to just a simple short-term medical policy.

Contact Info

General U.S. Headquarters:

477 Martinsville Road P.O. Box 830 Liberty Corner, NJ 07938-0830 US

Phone: 1 (908) 604-3000 / Toll Free: 1 (800) 269-6660 / Fax: 1 (908) 604-3322

Website: https://www.everestre.com/

Medicare Supplement Administrative Office:

P.O. Box 10878 Clearwater, FL 33757-8878

Phone: 1 (844) 301-0395 / Fax: 1 (855) 226-4101

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.everestre.com/Insurance/Products/Accident-and-Health/Medicare-Supplement

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