Greek Catholic Union Medicare Supplement Insurance [2020 Review!]

Greek Catholic Union Medicare Supplement Insurance [2020 Review!]

Greek Catholic Union USA Medicare Supplement

Greek Catholic Union USA Review

Greek Catholic Union USA (GCU) is a fraternal society’s organization that serves to provide competitive insurance options in both health and life coverage, including Medicare supplement plans, Whole Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care. With unique qualifications for underwriting, the recent addition of Medigap to the Greek Catholic Union coverage options provides a new entryway for many seniors to consider a Medicare supplement plan for themselves.

Who is GCU Insurance?

Initially created in 1892 under the name and banner of “the Greek Catholic Union of Rusyn Brotherhoods,” the Greek Catholic Union society was formed through the unification of fourteen separate Greek Catholic communities who sought a higher quality of life amongst all its members. By providing and promoting unity in brotherhood, especially through a heavy focus on education, the Greek Catholic Union operated as both a powerful political affiliate and significant provider of care to Rusyn descendants even into the modern era.

With Rusyn Americans now comfortably assimilated into the US culture, the Greek Catholic Union, once primarily a reclusive benefit society, has carried on its helpful influence and legacy as an insurance provider for citizens of all kind.

What makes GCU special? 

By signing up into an applicable coverage choice under the Greek Catholic Union, you’re also given the opportunity to take advantage of several helpful and unique perks offered by your status as a member. While some may apply to you more than others, the comfort of having some quaint additions to a standard coverage plan can provide a feeling of unique assistance and pleasantry:

  • If a younger GCU member, such as a high school or college student, or even just with young bowler, you may be eligible for a scholarship provision from the union.
  • The Greek Catholic Union also puts aside routine funding to help student members with their overwhelming accumulated debt, especially from college loans.
  • Based on limited location, Greek Catholic members are given promo-code discounts towards a few listed amusement centers, including waterparks – fun for the whole family! 
  • Bonus exterior coverage is extended by the Greek union in partnership with other providers, including hearing aid consultations through American Hearing Benefits, discounts towards Nationwide Auto, Home, and Pet Insurance, as well as provision of a RXCut Card for up to a 75% savings on prescriptions.
  • Those in the Greek Catholic Union are given a special privilege to use the private Seven Oaks Country Club for a round of golf – anytime, completely free of charge. Additionally, as a member, you’ll be greatly welcomed to apply for residency into the golf course’s nearby community in Beaver, PA.
  • Lastly, but not least, you are subscribed automatically to a Greek Union magazine that provides insightful articles that cover topics like financial oversight and quality of life, twice per month.

Through the enormous and continuous involvement by a plethora of Greek Catholic Union beneficiaries, routine charitable effort is commonplace across many of the communities where coverage is provided (and otherwise.) With a rich history of providing for its support system, volunteering and donations to, and from, the people who allow GCU to remain a flourishing property are always a high priority.

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Plans Sold



In a comparative outlook provided by A.M. Best, a rating of C- was given to the Greek Catholic Union USA in 2009, with an additional credit rating of “CC” – both of these grades are considered of “weak quality,” and therefore, do not foresee a positive further outlook for the company’s trajectory of ability.  

Other Products Sold

Despite the more recent addition of Medigap to the Greek Catholic Union listing, it is not surprising to believe that many current members may be present from another aspect of provided GCU coverage. When not enrolling into a Medicare supplement plan, you may be interested in one of the following (also offered by GCU in select states:)

  1. Whole Life Insurance – 
  1. An insurance that, very plainly, provides reimbursement and coverage for an individual for their entire life! With a Whole Life plan, your accumulation of insurance money is certain, and you can feel secure about what will be left behind for friends and family when you pass.
  1. Term Life Insurance – 
  1. In the event where you may only wish to have life insurance for a limited period, you may enroll into a Greek Catholic Union Term Life plan – a much less expensive alternative, this coverage is limited to a fixed amount of time and must be renewed (if available) to continue.
  1. Fixed Deferred Annuities – 
  1. Fixed Deferred Annuities are a provided method of the Greek Catholic Union that allows you to accumulate your savings together in a consistent method under the scrutiny and security of the GCU. Money placed into the annuity is earned interest at a fixed rate, completely tax-deferred, allowing you to avoid any tax upon your money’s growth until it is removed from the security of the annuity – through this, you can create a trust-worthy and reliable “investment” of your money.
  1. Annuities for Income – 
  1. If your main goal as a member of the Greek Catholic Union is to assure you’ll have a living income into your retirement years, or perhaps slightly before, an Annuity for Income may be your choice – these annuities are crafted to help balance out a controlled income over a number of years that is reflective of the income that may have been coming into the annuity in the first place. For many who take the planning for survival over their golden years seriously, this may be the most likely option when enrolling.

Contact Info:

U.S. Headquarters:

5400 Tuscarawas Road Beaver, PA 15009 US

Telephone: 1 (855) 306-0607 / Fax: 1 (724) 495-3421

Email: [email protected]


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