Thrivent Medicare Supplement Insurance [2020 Review!]

Thrivent Medicare Supplement Insurance

Review of Thrivent Medicare Supplement Insurance

Thrivent Financial, being a not-for-profit predominantly Christian insurance society, ultimately seeks to provide the highest possible quality service to its members when creating opportunities to greatly enhance their health, lifestyle, education, and faith – now, primarily, this is done through enrollment into applicable coverage options, much like through available Thrivent Medicare supplement insurance policies, but also with the addition of ongoing financial and charitable intervention. 

Take note – to keep close to their commitment to create bonds and trust in its members, you’ll need to align with the standards of the fraternal society, known as “the Thrivent Way;” this means before any other consideration, you must adhere to one of three initial requirements (or else risk immediate decline when enrolling:)

  • You may be a practicing Christian, willing to participate and expand your faith…
  • You may be the spouse of a devout Christian, in which you are both willing to participate in the faith…
  • Or you may be a youth being raised in a home of strong Christian faith…

Membership into Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage requires a bit more than just signing up and being done with it – when accepted for the society, consider your membership (and its perks) as an on-going process of keeping yourself in touch with both your personal and your community’s faith.

Who is Thrivent Insurance?

Once the bond between two Lutheran communities, the Aid Association for Lutherans and the Lutheran Brotherhood, Thrivent Financial is a fraternal insurance company dedicated to upholding the financial success of its faith-based membership. Through nationwide operation through individual chapters – each a congregation of appointed, and adequately faithful, representatives – you may be provided tailored enrollment opportunities, including for the likes of life insurance or Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage.

Due to its fraternal nature, up until 2013, Thrivent Financial only provided services for Lutheran Christians, keeping the organization to a strict policy of continuing its original purpose in financially supporting applicable members (Lutherans) in all needs of coverage under the guise of united brotherhood – after 2013 however, Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage was made available to Christians of any kind, greatly broadening the horizon of individuals who would be considered “acceptable” for Thrivent Financial Medicare supplement claims.

Despite being available across the nation, the chapters of Thrivent are primarily to serve a local area – as such, generally, the communication and translation of benefits from representative to member will be done more personally, such as through connection through church community or building a relationship with the neighborhood office. 

What makes Thrivent special? 

Much like many other fraternal societies akin to its kind, the unique facets of Thrivent Financial are mainly derivative of one factor – a dedication to uphold select partitions of belief across an entire membership base of similarly minded individuals, working together to enhance the quality of life in for everyone in those familiar, close-knit communities. 

Specifically, for Thrivent Financial, membership is only reserved for those closely adherent enough to the Christian faith, either through association or directly; through this, members are essentially bonded together by common intent and insight and do well when trying to build the confidence of one another through supportive efforts both personally and in the community.

As a not-for-profit organization, Thrivent Financial is tax-exempt, and is not expected to adhere to any higher authority than themselves regarding how the funding receiving through their services falls back towards members all-through the society – essentially, this means that much more money that is spent by members within the organization, such as costs on incurred from Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage, can remain untouched and put back into society needs, including upkeep and charitable services.

However, there are three notable aspects to Thrivent’s status as a not-for-profit organization that help uniquely define the reviews of Thrivent Medicare supplement insurance:

  1. Members are united by common bond and benevolent purpose – they are all faithful Christians and must adequately support that when presenting themselves. When seeking the guidance of your money, you will use faith and trust in your fellow members to help facilitate your actions, including recognizable generosity through charity.
  2. As most of Thrivent’s service is done through local chapters, members are given the proper authority and responsibility to elect the representatives who will correctly present the best vision of “the Thrivent Way.” Additionally, the thinning of representation at such local levels allows for a greater opportunity of communication between a representative and their chapter’s members – this, in turn, allows better suited charitable programs, like discounts and further education, to be available more often and with much more specifications reflected of community interest.
  3. The inclusion of insurance products for members, like life insurance or Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage, are primarily available to offer individuals complete security and serenity in their lifestyle, without the fear that a hardship may eliminate any comfort they have become accustomed to. Very likely, enrollment into a policy will include on-going financial assessment from your chapter, assuring that your services and costs continue to remain optimal for your quality of life.

Additionally, another unique aspect of Thrivent Financial is the separation of its “membership types.” While entry can be given through more traditional means, usually involving the membership acceptance, qualification and purchase of a Thrivent insurance policy, you also become a member by following a few steps outside of this standard. Under the title of “Associate Member,” you’ll first be tasked to obtain membership – the same way you would as any other member – and then be required to follow one of the listed options below for full acceptance:

  • Pay an annual fee of $19.95.
  • Join the Thrivent Federal Credit Union.
  • Purchase a relevant or acceptable product from a Thrivent subsidiary.

Be aware that, as an Associate Member, you will sometimes have same perks as a Benefit Member, and sometime not – Associate Members, for example, may receive similar discounted services supplied by a local chapter, but on the same note, cannot participate when voting for new chapter representatives occurs.

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From the outside looking in, Thrivent Financial seems to be an absolute powerhouse in the eyes of independent rating agencies seeking to assure that the practices, promises, and outcome of the society’s labor are up to properly conveyed standard. With grades of A++ and AA+, from A.M. Best and Fitch Ratings respectively, along with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) the spotlight of professionalism provided by Thrivent burns brighter, allowing reviews of Thrivent Medicare supplement insurance (and the fraternal society altogether) to represent a position of substantial company health.

Such exceptionally high ratings attempt to mostly reflect the ability of a company to fulfill the client’s expectation when once an enrolled member; as such, usually, a company’s financial strength, communication skills, and outlook are all brought into question.  Both above grades attributed to Thrivent Financial, including most reviews of Thrivent Medicare supplement insurance, would be considered at a “superior” level and, therefore, should carry a significant amount of trust and value.

However, as most society operation happens at unique local levels, each chapter and its representatives may provide a wholly different experience and reflection of the company’s adherence to quality.

Other Products Sold

With certain provisions for its members, Thrivent Financial seeks to ultimately assure the on-going comfort and security of all associated with the community. With a selection reaching far beyond just Thrivent Medicare supplement coverage, these options highlight the functionality in having well-rounded, supportive financial involvement:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Several Investment Opportunities including:
    • Mutual Funds spread across multiple investments.
    • Interval Funds for investment into Christian missions.
    • Retail Brokerage Accounts for investment into direct stocks and bonds, or a larger pool of Mutual Funds.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts

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Contact Phone Number: (800) 847-4836


Corporate Center Address:

625 Fourth Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55415-1624 USA

Operations Center Address:

4321 N. Ballard Rd. Appleton, WI 54919-0001 USA

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